Every once in a great while in the world of dating and relationships, “break through” information is revealed that can potentially change the whole dating game entirely. I truly believe this is one of those times. I also believe that this new revelation gives women a definite and huge advantage over men.

I have reviewed relationship books and interviewed dating experts for years now but this material and these techniques are different from any I’ve seen. So hang on and let’s see if this is real or just more repackaged lies.

What Are James Bauer’s Infamous 3 Steps That Guarantees To Catch Man’s Heart?

1. How to make any man KNOW you don’t need him.

Any relationship expert will tell you that “neediness” is a frequent “relationship killer” and almost never fosters an environment for healthy and sustained growth. Unfortunately, this is where most women go wrong. James Bauer’s method’s for overcoming neediness are very different but highly effective.

2. How to plant a “Future Seed” in a mans mind without him even realizing it.

One commonality most men share is contentment with “Status Quo”. More often than not, a man is usually reluctant to truly commit out of fear and is happy to keep things as they are for possibly even years. Rarely do men consider their future in a dating relationship nearly as much as a woman does. James Bauer’s technique of how to easily turn those tables is truly amazing.

3. How to make “pursuing you” his Idea and have him trying desperately to make you commit.

More often than not, most women react to a man’s lack of commitment to a long term relationship by presenting him with ultimatums. This tactic rarely, if ever works and will usually backfire resulting in an inevitable break up. James Bauer introduces an interesting twist on how to change his thinking and have him chasing after you and practically begging you to commit to him.

What Other Techniques Does James Bauer Reveal In The Program?

The Hunter Principal– how important that is to every man and how it must be handled properly.

The Gateway Technique– how to get a man to approach you and initiate the conversation.

The Lighthouse Method– how you can stand out in any room and have him focus entirely on you.

The Bigger Fish Technique– how to repel losers and players so they won’t even try to approach you.

10 Simple Questions– how to easily get the answers that will let you know if he is even worth your time.

Do These Methods Only Work For A “Certain Kind Of Woman?”

Ever since the His Secret Obsession program has been released, I’ve been asked that one question far more than any other. All preliminary reports and  indications thus far show a wide variety of  women are experiencing great results with the program. In fact, James Bauer discusses how physical beauty is actually 3rd or lower on most men’s list of qualifications for finding a mate. That was shocking to me.

In other words, all indications have been that dress sizes, breast sizes, personality traits, or any other factor have had little or no bearing with women that have used the program or presented a distinct advantage to one woman over another.

Here is part of a follow-up phone conversation between James Bauer and Amy, (who recently bought His Secret Obsession)

James Bauer: Hi Amy. Thanks for writing to me about your experience with my His Secret Obsession program. I am so glad you have found your “Ideal Man”. I just wanted to follow up with you as I am so curios to know, “How did you meet Reggie?”

Amy: Hi James Bauer, it’s great to be talking with you. Even though we haven’t met, I feel like I have known you for so long.

I had known Reggie for a few years as he is an independent contractor for the company I work for. He would come by the office about once a month or so with updates on market research he does for our company. Reggie has always been kind towards me as well as everyone else in my office, but over the few years I’ve known him, he never expressed any interest in me other than a casual friendship. I was aware that he was not married, but to save my own ego, I chose to assume that a man like Reggie was probably already in a relationship. That would painlessly explain why he showed no signs of interest in me.

James Bauer: Obviously, something changed between the 2 of you. What was it?

Amy: Last year I finally mustered the courage to ask Reggie to attend a small gathering we were having at the office for my boss with the possibility of he and I having dinner together afterwards. He graciously declined my invitation and I thought I had lost my one and only chance with him.

Fast forward about 6 months and I had just bought your His Secret Obsession program recommended to me by a friend. After going through everything I decided to use some of your advice and techniques I had learned on Reggie the next time he came around.

I NOW know how powerful your techniques and methods are James Bauer, but wow was I shocked at how he started to respond to me. He started coming around much more often than normal and it wasn’t long until he asked me out. Everyone at the office wanted to know what I had done to him as it became so obvious to them how hard he was pursuing me.

James Bauer: That must have been so exciting for you. Was there any one technique you learned in His Secret Obsession that you think finally made Reggie notice you in a different way?

Amy: I think James Bauer, the most honest thing I can say is the entire His Secret Obsession program raised my self confidence with men, (Reggie) that your techniques seemed so natural and effortless to incorporate into my everyday interaction with men. Just to let you know James Bauer, Reggie wasn’t the only man vying for my attention after I completed His Secret Obsession.

James Bauer: Would you recommend His Secret Obsession to anyone else who wants to find the love of their life?

Amy: Absolutely! My only regrets are, I wished I had known about you and your amazing course sooner. I would sincerely like to thank you James Bauer for literally changing my life. Your help and guidance has been invaluable.

Is There Any Negatives About The Program?

Yes, our investigation uncovered 3 potential pitfalls you should be aware of if you’re considering starting the program.

1. Although James Bauer’s techniques have proven to be very powerful they should only be implemented properly for a positive result. It’s important to note that you should follow her methods step by step to experience the best results possible. Using these methods for “ill will” or as “practical jokes” is not encouraged or advised.

2. Like most of us, many women find it difficult to change or to admit to themselves that their failed relationships were largely a result of bad choices. If you have difficulty trying and adopting new methods for improved relationships leading to a better future, this program may not be for you.

3. When a program as popular as this one becomes available to the public, unauthorized review sites spring up everywhere offering bogus discounts or outdated coupons. Although this does not have any bearing on the effectiveness of James Bauer’s program, it’s worth noting that ordering through such a site will result in losing James Bauer’s 100% money back guarantee.

Conclusion: Does It Really Work?

When I began my research on this product a couple month ago I asked myself that, if this program really works how incredible would it be to see thousands of men and women finally find real life long fulfillment in their next or present relationship? It’s my job to review products with an open and sometimes skeptical mind but I found this one to be very special with tons of potential and benefits for countless numbers of women and also the men they ultimately choose.

Although, the methods and techniques described in the program may not be conventional or mainstream, they are extremely powerful.

In conclusion, I highly recommend James Bauer’s His Secret Obsession Program to anyone who desires to experience a deep meaningful relationship for the first time and hopefully until the end of time.